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Denver Post: Columbine had 9/11-style hijack to NYC

(Please also read post of Dec. 9, 2012)

Like 9/11 within 2 calendar years, the plan was larger was to hijack a plane and crash it into NYC buildings.

[But before we get into that, please read the following notice about the general state of the information available now, and go to the "German in orange & NATO at Columbine" page on this Blogsite. It also begins with the following but has other information you will want, about evidence that there was a "drill" that day, other forensic considerations of who was where and what they saw and what was said. And there is a final third page about Satanism/ Pedophilia rings connected to the group which seems to have done this, on this blogsite.

An original movie on the subject of Columbine was already taken down in 2012, but another movie which explained quite a bit was still up and showed some FOIA materials has also been taken down now, since 2012. The article on my page about German Nazism and NATO connections to the event has many photos of documents, huge amounts of arms, some of the documents showing multiple intruders, if I remember -- but perhaps that was in the other movie.

Here is the link to the now-defunct movie site as a matter of reference, too.

 (Note Made on October 6, 2015)


For FOIA/ police court-ordered released documents on what witnesses saw at Columbine, see:
For movie:
All FOIA relevant documents shown.

For transcript:

Summary of some of it follows:

Neo-Nazi influence at parties (see post on Satanism and Pedophilia at Columbine on this blog)

might relate to German seen with gun, giving orders, in orange shirt ... and more, below:

Lisa Forgan heard an attacker speaking German and wearing an orange shirt

Multiple witnesses (from disclosed documents, and shown in this video) identified:

Very tall, heavy acne, bad teeth, overbyte, cape and cap and black sneakers
And specifically said they knew him or picked him out of a lineup photo group
And most knew the guy by name, but the name is redacted on the documents

Again, Lisa Forgan heard an attacker speaking German and wearing an orange shirt

-- Also a man short, going bald, short spiky hair, 30s

-- One who had long black hair, blond streaks

-- And more.

[UNFORTUNATELY, THIS MOVIE IS REMOVED, SINCE 2012. THE KEY ITEMS WERE MANY TESTAMENTS, SHOWN AND DISCUSSED, WHERE TESTIFIERS (WITNESSES) SPECIFICALLY KNEW OTHER PEOPLE SHOOTING AND / OR COULD IDENTIFY MANY OF THE SAME FEATURES OF PERSON OR DRESS THAT THOSE WHO KNEW SOME OF THE SHOOTERS SAID. -- As to having many witnesses lying now, or being quiet, remember: they may a) feel they were mistaken since it was not pursued, b) be moving on with their lives, upset it was not pursued, c) gotten the message directly or indirectly from its not being pursued, that this was a seriously larger event and maybe dangerous for the country for them to reveal it, so they would be disloyal, or d) all of the same as in point "c" but with the added feeling that they are in danger if they speak out.

-- This note was made Oct 6, 2015]

And the parents of the accused 2 "lone shooters" gave depositions, which are blocked from public disclosure until ... 2027.


9/11 Style Preparations and Hijacking and bombs were part of the Columbine plot:


MIT newspaper "Tech Online" (a reprint of LA Times article, referencing Denver Post, April 29, 1999):

Volume 119 >> Issue 22 : Tuesday, April 27, 1999
Columbine Killers Envisioned Hijacking and Crashing Plane

Jefferson County Sheriff John Stone earlier told reporters the goal of the killers, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, was to strike during the busy lunch hour to go for “a big kill.”

But in an interview published today in The Denver Post, Stone said the gunmen’s diary indicates that if they survived, they wanted more-- to “hijack an airplane and crash it into a major city.” He said New York City was their target.

“Once they burned the school down, then they were just going to start ravaging the neighborhood, killing as many people as they could,” Stone told the newspaper Sunday.


Summary of the situation:

And Martin Middleton, who had been in the Jefferson County area in the mid-90′s, at that time encountered an individual talking about the attempted bombing that would take place on Hitler’s 110th birthday who also told him that the Trench Coat Mafia which would be attempting it was not just a bunch of lonely depressed kids, but something much larger.

Indeed, we were told after the attack that the Columbine attackers had planned to not just shoot and maim a few dozen students, but to kill 500 people, level the school with bombs, hijack a plane from Denver’s New World Airport and, despite their total inexperience with aviation, fly it over 2000 miles where they would perhaps lodge it into skyscrapers in New York City, a plan which may have sounded foreign to audiences of 1999 but which today seems all too familiar.


(Movie of which the previous link is the transcript, and which shows the FOIA documents for the case: http://evanlong.net/columbine/the-columbine-cause/ )

[Clare's comments:]

Perhaps Columbine was a larger operation: a neo-NAZI (April 20, Hitler's birthday) subgroup organized terror attack, para-government related. Why? To see what could be done? To push for gun control? To create a larger fear and prepare for 9/11 style?
Thus it would be protected.
Harris also complained he was being drugged on the military base of his father. This suggests mind-control programs -- if you know of those.
This also has shades of Manson's operation, which was likely a near-military or paramilitary hit, linked to many persons in Laurel Canyon, and of which many aspects were suppressed as much as possible.



FBI agent downplays son's film

An FBI agent investigating the Columbine High School shooting whose son helped produce a video parody in which the school is destroyed says the film is a comedy and not a depiction of gratuitous violence.

Dwayne Fuselier also said the participation of his son, Scott, in the video, which was made more than two years before the April 20 massacre, does not compromise his ability to investigate the case.



[Clare's comments - Dec 2012:]

In the context of the much wider operation (see other posts on Columbine in this blog), to promote or control groups of Goth and Trenchcoat Mafia, spinning them toward Satanic and neo-Nazi activities, throughout the greater Denver area, and involving at least one violent pedophile on record, though possibly a ring of violent pedophiles ... we may wonder if the FBI investigator's son was part of such controlled groups; if so, the FBI investigator would either, then, also know and be a cover-up artist willfully, or would not have known but be compromised and thus be a cover-up artist unwillingly but knowingly.

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