Saturday, 22 December 2012

Experiment real: MKUltra assassins= real

(Please also read post of Dec. 9, 2012)

Finally. The first public and daring and smart experiment which proves even to disbelieving hypnotherapy experimenters from universities, that a man can be hypnotized to kill -- and even against his personality type.

Polka dots (like RFK death and polka-dotted dress on woman) are used (though the woman's dress may or may not have been part of a suggestion to Sirhan Sirhan); dissociation to feel he's on a shooting range, not hitting a person (just as Sirhan Sirhan feels).

Note: Sirhan Sirhan did not fire the kill shots anyway, but he did fire something. The kill shot was near point-blank (left burn marks) and was in opposite ear to where Sirhan was. The security guard was outfitted with same gun type as Sirhan. For info on the way they made sure the death went through but Sirhan was framed, see and

But the point is that this man in the video will kill and has no memory or personality to do so.

Bless you, Derren Brown and Stephen Fry for helping to bring this to the level of empiric proof.


  1. I had read that Sirhan Sirhan was not less than 4 feet from RFK and that the kill shots were fired less than 6" from his head (about the area where the security guard was standing) but to find out they both had the same gun on their persons is perception altering.

    1. Right. The shot was from almost the opposite side and left burn marks, so was near point-blank. The police destroyed the room (the hotel "pantry" -- a fairly big area) claiming in court it didn't fit into an "envelope" so it couldn't be studied in a lab. And the security guard was asked if he killed RFK, but on the night of June 4th, to which he answered no -- but of course the question was technically inaccurate to the date of death: RFK died just after midnight on the night of June 4th in common parlance, but the night of June 4th-5th in the exact expression of time.