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Satanism & Pedophilia at Columbine & wider area

(Please also read post of Dec. 9, 2012)

Satanism and Pedophilia Rings serving Intelligence or Para-Intelligence rings were connected to the events at Columbine somehow.

[But before we get into that, please read the following notice about the general state of the information available now, and go to the "German in orange & NATO at Columbine" page on this Blogsite. It also begins with the following but has other information you will want, about evidence that there was a "drill" that day, other forensic considerations of who was where and what they saw and what was said. And there is a final third page about Satanism/ Pedophilia rings connected to the group which seems to have done this, on this blogsite.

An original movie on the subject of Columbine was already taken down in 2012, but another movie which explained quite a bit was still up and showed some FOIA materials has also been taken down now, since 2012. The article on my page about German Nazism and NATO connections to the event has many photos of documents, huge amounts of arms, some of the documents showing multiple intruders, or at least that was in the now-missing movie for which the transcript is below. The article on the German and NATO material also discusses evidence there was a drill that day. Another article on this blogsite is about how there was a 9/11-style hijacking planned for that day at Columbine.

Here is the link to the now-defunct movie site as a matter of reference, too.

 (Note Made on October 6, 2015)


For FOIA/ police court-ordered released documents on what witnesses saw at Columbine, see:
For movie:
All FOIA relevant documents shown.

For transcript:

Summary of some of it follows:

Neo-Nazi influence at parties (see post on Satanism and Pedophilia at Columbine on this blog)

might relate to German seen with gun, giving orders, in orange shirt ... and more, below:

Lisa Forgan heard an attacker speaking German and wearing an orange shirt

Multiple witnesses (from disclosed documents, and shown in this video) identified:

Very tall, heavy acne, bad teeth, overbyte, cape and cap and black sneakers
And specifically said they knew him or picked him out of a lineup photo group
And most knew the guy by name, but the name is redacted on the documents

Again, Lisa Forgan heard an attacker speaking German and wearing an orange shirt

-- Also a man short, going bald, short spiky hair, 30s

-- One who had long black hair, blond streaks

-- And more.

[UNFORTUNATELY, THIS MOVIE IS REMOVED, SINCE 2012. THE KEY ITEMS WERE MANY TESTAMENTS, SHOWN AND DISCUSSED, WHERE TESTIFIERS (WITNESSES) SPECIFICALLY KNEW OTHER PEOPLE SHOOTING AND / OR COULD IDENTIFY MANY OF THE SAME FEATURES OF PERSON OR DRESS THAT THOSE WHO KNEW SOME OF THE SHOOTERS SAID. -- As to having many witnesses lying now, or being quiet, remember: they may a) feel they were mistaken since it was not pursued, b) be moving on with their lives, upset it was not pursued, c) gotten the message directly or indirectly from its not being pursued, that this was a seriously larger event and maybe dangerous for the country for them to reveal it, so they would be disloyal, or d) all of the same as in point "c" but with the added feeling that they are in danger if they speak out.

-- This note was made Oct 6, 2015]

And the parents of the accused 2 "lone shooters" gave depositions, which are blocked from public disclosure until ... 2027.


Satanism & Pedophilia at Columbine & Wider Area:

Here is a partial transcript for the movie linked above but now removed. It also included information from the FOIA documents about specific witnesses and/ or specific witness claims (if witness was not identified in redacted -- blacked-out -- parts of documents):

Partial Transcript (defunct link for transcript at bottom):

While he was talking to government investigators, CHS class of ’98 and TCM member Eric Ault confirmed that the TCM “talked about setting bombs around the school and blowing up the school” and “[t]hat they talked about how it would be fun as a senior prank to ride through the school on dirt bikes with guns and shoot it up.”

Ault also told them that “the group was into Satanic worship,” and that, when the groups got into a fight, “the mafia group would chant satanic verses as they walked by the jocks”.

Whatever Robert McDuffy’s impetus for dropping the potato on the CHS TCM in his report, an unnamed individual in the reports called up accounts of a Denver-area culture well outside the bounds of humanity.

This individual, who attended another high school in the area, related that he had been to parties attended by goths and trench coat mafia individuals in their 20′s across the area, and that most of the trench coat mafia individuals were out of school and that there were not very many who were still in school. He stated that they were into bloodletting, cutting and violence.

He also was questioned on sexually explicit photographs found in his backpack which were homosexual in nature, and stated that he had been to the house of an individual known to some in this circuit as “Pedophile Bill”, a homosexual man who was, quote, “not nice sexually” and had given him these pictures and also showed him photo albums which made him sick to his stomach. The albums, he said, contained sexually explicit photographs of small children up to the age of fourteen.

Joe Stair was said by shop classmate Andy Perlman to have carried a book with him which he referred to as “The Devil’s Bible” and to have mentioned that he worshiped the devil.

Stair, along with TCM member Eric Dutro, were playing a card game in the Columbine cafeteria one day when they got up from their table, “and began harassing other students by getting in their faces and saying, “Satan loves you”. Many students were upset by Dutro’s behavior. Stair and Dutro then began kissing each other in front of the entire cafeteria. In disgust, Paul Maten went to their table, and pushed all of their playing cards to the ground.” “Later that summer, Maten began receiving death threats on the telephone. He would answer the phone, and an individual would say [that] he was going to kill Maten.” “German music was playing in the background.” [Ed.: For more on the German connection, see my blog post "German wearing orange (and NATO?) at Columbine", Dec. 18, 2012, youcanknowsometimes.blogspot.ca]

TCM co-founder Tad Boles explained the trench coat phenomenon as that the group just starting wearing them “to stay warm”. Likewise, the term “trench coat mafia” was said to have innocently originated from an outsider who jokingly asked those wearing the coats, “Who do you think you are, the Trench Coat Mafia?” As a cultural phenomenon, however, psychotically violent individuals in trench coats was not something confined to Littleton, nor to Colorado, despite such claims to the contrary, a fact which makes the reports of TCM associates jumping all over each other in anxiety of being able to prove themselves the first to have worn the coat in Littleton all the more colossal a tragedy. In fact, it had appeared all over America in the mid 1990′s, the same time that it happened in Littleton, as almost anyone in their teens or twenties at that time could tell you.

This cultural meme, perhaps a grotesque mutation of the often gang-related, juvenile delinquent or “bad-boy” black leather jacket, was pushed in mainstream commercial venues on an international basis. Even then-Vice President Al Gore got into the act when he visited Jefferson County for the Columbine memorial ceremony.

Several of these examples, including “The Crow”, released in 1994, “Blade”, 1998, and “The Matrix”, which debuted just before the attack on CHS, had particularly mystical or occult-themed storylines. Boyd Rice, a founder of the Luciferian group, Ordo Lapsit Exillis, and a “Magister” in the Church of Satan’s “Council of Nine”, declared that such films are, indeed, evidence of the resurrection of an occult tradition he refers to as the “Arcadian Mystique”. Chris Morris, who was alleged to have reported to a classmate at CHS that he didn’t follow God’s commandments, but Satan’s commandments, and that we were all characters in a video game being controlled by someone else, might have been of the same opinion.

The quote-unquote “industrial” music culture, of which Rice was a part, and which gained significant commercial ground in the 1990′s, surrounded, was interwoven with and reinforced the occult themes of these movies, and with the more mainstream end of which the Trench Coat Mafia were well-acquainted. This “industrial culture” movement, and particularly its “industrial music” component, is said to have been consciously spawned by British performance artist and self-styled “social engineer”, Neil Megson.

Megson, who has employed a variety of pseudonyms, has given interviews alongside and as a friend of now-deceased Church of Satan founder Anton Lavey. Like Lavey, Megson also founded an occult organization of his own known as the Temple of Psychick Youth.

Called TOPY, the temple is an offshoot of a deconstructionist occult movement known as chaos magic, a movement created in the 1970′s which has noticeably given rise to the order of the Illuminates of Thanateros, which takes its name from those of the gods Thanatos, Greek for “death”, and Eros, a sexual god, sex and death being primary drives of the human psyche.

The [group] Illuminates of Thanateros, or IOT, initiates’ manual, titled Liber Null, declares that its organization is one along a millennia-old lineage dating back to the earliest shamans and is dedicated to twisting the unconscious desires of humanity through lies, trickery, and magic, or advanced, and often subtly exercised, psycho-physiological manipulation.

The aim of this process has been to lead humanity away from our natural, timeless origins along a progression through several ages of an increasingly complex system of money, religion, and professional politics, the proposed end of which is a perpetual “age of chaos,” an aim bearing remarkable similarities to the dialectical materialism propounded by Marx [Ed.: a development from Hegel and picked up by Alistair Crowley and Manson].

The “age of chaos” is to be a permanent dark age [according to these groups, sounding Process Church and Mansonite] characterized by the death of what is decent and natural within humanity, and in which occultism and magic are to reign supreme as the dominant mode of interpreting reality.

IOT members, and chaos magicians in general, typically include members of other occult organizations including the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set, the latter of which is a black magical, or “left hand path”, organization based on Egyptian Set worship, Set being the mythological “bringer of night” opposing the god, Osiris, and a Satan figure in pre-Christian days. This organization was founded by quote-unquote “High Setian Priest” Michael Aquino, a U. S. Army Lt. Colonel and co-author of a 1975 psychological warfare manual titled “From Psyop to MindWar: the Psychology of Victory”, which displays an egregiously warped view of the nature of truth.

Aquino and his wife, who went by the name of “Lilith,” were accused in 1987 of sexually abusing three year old boys and girls in day care programs at the U. S. Army’s Presidio, a practice perhaps not that uncommon, if articles like Dave McGowan’s “The Pedophocracy” are accurate.

Several TCM members and affiliates also recall the use of the term “FNORD” in computer screen names and classroom writings. “FNORD” is a reference of the writings of now-deceased Golden Dawn initiate Robert Anton Wilson, who wrote of an psychological war between occult factions attempting to control the minds of humanity in his trilogy, Illuminatus!. Wilson was a close associate of Peter Carroll, the wealthy real estate investor who co-founded the IOT and who has written many of the works fundamental to chaos magic. Carroll still teaches courses at Wilson’s on-line Maybe Logic Academy.

Transcript above is at:

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