Thursday, 24 January 2013

My new show - In contrast to Jeff Prager ...

Here is an accolade for doing a pretty good job in presenting BOTH sides -- not perfect, but I don't claim to be --

From Gary King, today, about a show I did about Sandy Hook, yesterday, on WSGO AM 990 New Orleans, a locally owned talk radio station:

Here is the podcast link... I hope you approve of the liner notes. Thank you for such a great show.  [...]  Clare, I respect everything you are doing and many people called me to comment on your show and were so impressed that someone so young could be that awake as well as approaching the subject so objectively by giving both sides equal consideration. I know it hurts to be ridiculed by people you love not living in the real world and are victims of hardcore propaganda. What will happen is that in a few years the very same people will come to you and say" Ya know you were right about all of those thing" As far as your peers, not many people your age even have a clue, just excuse them for they know not what they say. You are on the level of people with PHD's and 35 years of teaching college level courses. Don't let it get you down, it comes with the territory. I can promise you one thing, there are many people in New Orleans that are interested in what Clare Kuehn has to say. There is a reason I asked you to be on my show. I personally have listened to your shows on The Real Deal several times to make sure I got the most out of it. Do Not Underestimate Clare Kuehn! Do so at your own peril. Gary King

So I say ...
Thanks, Gary!


  1. aren't doing it right unless you have "Haters"

    1. I've posted Jeff Prager's new show and commented on some of his points. I've done in the post on his planned blog attack on me.