Friday, 25 January 2013

Anderson Cooper Vanderbilt's green screen: missing forehead & nose

UPDATE: March 30, 2013: Someone has written this off as compression problems here:

But they miss the glances which don't add up into normal line of sight or the editing sound clicks (or even the context of other video with clear card-reading and lines round faces; see post from next day to this one). So ... I seriously doubt it's all compression.


The son of Gloria Vanderbilt wasn't on location for the Pozner funeral. There was a green screen.

The video maker focuses on the nose, which compresses at the shadow feature in the architecture visually behind him.

But the real clue that this is not compression from computer glitches is that his forehead a split second later moves past the shadow, skipping it. The forehead's grey scale (colour/ brightness) was of the same level as the shadow in the green screen's superimposed image.

To me, the breeze on Mrs. Pozner looks fake, too. Could be just a nice constant light wind, however.

If not fake news: was he just saving on travel expenses and the image was composited without any other deviousness??

He's reading cards to his right, most likely: he keeps his face expressionless to try to hide it, but he is reading to his right, per his eyes and his pause in movement overall.

BeforeItsNews has an excellent article on how the sound edits also betray the interpolation of Cooper into the shot. Was the mother there either?

Remember, the other grieving mother he interviewed was reading cards to her left (her eye movements shift around, as if thinking, then focus to her left, as if gazing for thought, but they focus, and repeatedly do so).

Could she just be given aids, so her interview -- so smiling, not the odd smiling memory -- goes more smoothly? Or not.
(from 2:40 min's on)

Anderson Cooper spent 2 summers in a CIA camp as a youth. Is this relevant to a possible "left-CIA" (as distinct from "right-CIA") faction coup at Sandy Hook?


And also, the Pozners put up a notice that even $1 donations on Facebook would help, but they're mega rich.

The Parkers put up a donation fund on the day of, with a Credit Union but it was taken down. Too crass and was noticed, eh?

Or not.

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