Thursday, 31 January 2013

Barry Jennings and family, 9/11 disappearance

Sent by Winston Wu:

Barry Jennings, the last man who exited Building 7 before its mysterious and unprecedented collapse, reported hearing a big explosion as well as stepping over bodies as he was running down the stairs to get out. His testimony is corroborated by Michael Hess, who was also trapped in the building. He later retracted his testimony (probably due to being threatened), but it was recorded and can be seen or heard on YouTube or on 9/11 websites.

Jennings died mysteriously in 2008 under unexplained circumstances. An announcement was given at his place of work, but there was no independent corroboration of it. Chillingly, his family also disappeared at the same time. They moved away from their home and became untraceable. No one knows what happened to Jennings or his family. What's more, investigators were also unable to locate any death certificate or autopsy pertaining to him. Dylan Avery, creator of the 9/11 film series "Loose Change", paid a private investigator to find out what happened to Jennings and his family. But after a week of looking into it, the PI refunded his money and told him to never contact her again, without any further explanation. It would seem that something creepy is going on and smacks of foul play. Again, if the government has nothing to hide, why would they silence key witnesses and their families like that? Or could Jennings and his family be in some kind of witness protection program?

For more on Barry Jennings' testimony, his unexplained death and the disappearance of his family, see these links:


  1. Or maybe Barry was just an actor. Since its probable bldg7 was as evacuated as the rest of lower Manhattan, removing Barry from the soap opera is as easy as calling him "dead" and faking the appropriate documents. I am sure.the actor who played him is.alive and well.somewhere.

  2. I appreciate Ab's considerable efforts to disseminate (via his valuable blog and podcasts) some much-needed scepticism about the official 9/11 myth, but his simply dismissing the "late" Mr. Jennings as an "actor" is symptomatic, IMHO, of taking a too-simplistic approach to the intricate plots-within-and-against-plots complexity of the 9/11 grand scheme. Throwing one's hands (figuratively) in the air and shouting "everybody and everything's a fake" risks sinking into a sea of cynical nihilism.

    The highly curious Jennings story (or legend) is ripe, nay overripe, for a serious, detailed investigation. Did the government post he supposedly held, for several years, really exist? Was it funded via verifiable, public-record budget documents? Was he replaced in the office by a verifiable NEW bureaucrat? If so, who is/was he, and did that dude get a NEW office location, since the old digs allegedly went down with WTC7? Has HE ever been interviewed about his predecessor?

    And what hospital did Jennings die in? What was his fatal disease? Who was the attending physician? Was there REALLY neither a death certificate, nor autopsy, nor obituary, nor SSN, nor memorial service, nor gravesite? If Dylan Avery (cough, cough...) was the only "sleuth" claiming to seriously investigate this situation, then it certainly needs to be re-examined by someone who actually wants to find the truth, rather than by an apparent shill for the despicable "9/11 Blogger" thermite-sniffing faction -- WHO SEEM TO HAVE WANTED TO PROMOTE THIS "SUSPICIOUS" MELODRAMATIC NARRATIVE OF JENNINGS' LIKELY "MURDER" AND HIS FAMILY'S DESPERATE DISAPPEARANCE TO AVOID THE SAME FATE!!!

    Like I've said before, there are factions within, and against, various occult factions in the labyrinthian 9/11 puzzle. Perhaps someone who lives in the NYC area, who isn't loyal to ANY of these plotters and counter-plotters, and who can spare the time to run down these crucial loose ends in the Jennings story -- will eventually assist us in sorting out fact from fiction. I doubt that the story is entirely a scripted play, with a now-retired actor as its star. But if it can be proven deductively that THAT IS THE CASE (via a massive absence of evidence) then so be it -- and I hope soon.

  3. ask BUSH and his family they know dont we have a fine goverment