Friday, 18 January 2013

Disappearing Videos on time stamp problems

Videos on time stamps, exposes are disappearing:

RIP Victoria Soto early Facebook post (or recommissioned from another post date -- yah right) was taken down in 2 hours from poster on Youtube.

Now their video, is also taken down.

Same with the expose of early time stamps for Youcaring, United Way, Vimeo (there were also Tweets from Vimeo poster, though not mentioned in this video).

These pages (except United Way) were all taken down right away. (The Tweets disappeared, too, by the way.)

And now the video expose is gone.

Both video pages give messages now that the POSTER chose to take the page down. As if there wouldn't have been pressure, or that couldn't be a lie. These two persons were pretty outraged. I don't think they took the pages down on a whim.

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