Wednesday, 9 January 2013

PLEASE READ: GOOGLE TIME STAMP Proof of SH pre-planning?

From Google for SH fundraiser, Dec. 11. from Vimeo tribute video, Nov. 10. This cannot, to my knowledge, be merely an Exif data change; maybe they're all reconverted pages? But if that's possible -- for example Vimeo is that even possible? -- note all but one were taken down right away, like Soto page:

PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU KNOW THERE IS ANY WAY FOR THESE (Esp. Google and Vimeo and Youcaring) to have wrong dates in this way, or that purchase re-assigning would make sense for all these ... and please send this page (not just the actual links) to friends. See below dots section, for actual details on the Google and Vimeo and Youcaring situations. My own thoughts are between the dots as preparation and caveats.

UPDATE: It turns out you can change a Vimeo video with the old date still on it (it's rare, but you can use a template ... why this would be done in this case honestly, when the Vimeo poster had lots of videos posted later and it's taken down now, is anybody's "guess"). AND after 30 hours, Tweet text can be changed, but NOT the date. The man with the video Tweeted it as well, it seems. SO someone has pointed out the outraged person who discovered the items COULD have or someone COULD have hacked an old Twitter text, to make it LOOK earlier and suspicious. But his outraged video (now taken down) is very genuine sounding and also, the Vimeo and Twitter tweets and most other pages are TAKEN DOWN. So it's physically possible to hoax the hoax, but unlikely.


The time stamps for Vimeo, United Way and Youcaring are a matter of creation of a page ready to go live even if it didn't, or of purchasing a page space. There are those who claim this is then used for Sandy Hook when it happened, a kind of reconversion of the bought space. There was also a family which put up their fundraiser ON THE 14th itself (I'll find the reference, when I get the chance). I find this situation technically possible but unfeasible as an interpretation for the following reasons:

1. All but the United Way page (whose date is not listed on the site, but on Google, so it's not as obvious an early time) were taken down within hours of the info getting out, like the Victoria Soto page (see "Uh-Oh in Sandy Hook" on this blog for that info, partway down post as point "1/" not point "1.")

2. Vimeo and Google pages (video posting and United Way fundraiser) and also Youcaring had no reason for purchase beforehand

3. We also have the mother whose child's Flickr photo was taken and used for a dead child, no similarity of name: and .

The combination of these factors is part of the argument.


Unlike the RIP Victoria Soto page (now defunct, re-uploaded), with the Dec. 10 time stamp, which could be from a page created by someone for some other purpose and changed in honour of Soto after the event ...

In an article, we have a link to a United Way fundraiser which was archived by GOOGLE on Dec. 11 (link also given below to see current Google listing, though if they re-post the UW page, that will change). I have been to Google. I have sent around my own screen shots. THIS IS NOT A CASE OF COMPLEX TIME STAMP TECHNICAL ARGUMENTS, as far as I understand. They put the page up on Dec. 11 for sure and without complex arguments needed to understand it. (article about it) and Google page showing Dec 11 archive date:


Plus ... there is a
Youtube video which shows that Vimeo had a full tribute page video uploaded a full MONTH before the event, on Nov. 10, with all victims on it. Victim pages other than Soto, also dated before the event.

And Youtube video also shows pre-dated pages on other sites: multiple fundraisers created before; example shown is from Dec. 10, "Youcaring".

And in the 1st grey link below video we also have info on the Youcaring thing which the green highlighted video showed.

See this video for Youcaring and Vimeo and Victim pages from Vimeo links:

UPDATE: LIKE THE MAIN Victoria Soto RIP early date stamp outrage video, THIS VIDEO IS NOW REMOVED. (Youtube claims the poster took it down - as if for no reason. Yah, right.)

Does anyone know of ANY legitimate way the time stamps can all be from before the event? Time stamps can be complicated things, but this seems to take the cake.

And see these articles (highlighted in grey below):
Regarding the other fundraisers, including the GOOGLE ITEM see:

For United Way page archived on Google on Dec 11: (article about it) and Google page showing Dec 11 archive date: 

For Youcaring page time stamped from Dec. 10:   (article about it) and note that while the Youcaring page is archived at link in that article, at , the actual page at is now "404 error page not found": -- (Aside: The actual original link on the Youcaring site which now gives this 404 error message was the link in the article as follows: )

The video and those blog links were all put up Jan. 8. By today, midday, the Vimeo page and the Youcaring page are down. And though the United Way page is still up, so Google still shows the archive of it for Dec. 11. But if they take it down and re-post, it will show a new date.

Plus:  The page the video showed, on Vimeo (with the other linked victim pages too, most likely), are now defunct, within hours of video creation for Youtube expose: video on Youtube went up Jan. 8, "Marc Michel" commenting on uploader's channel ca. 6 a.m EST Jan. 9 said page no longer works. My visit to Youtube midday Jan. 9 shows all links and comments by poster of video now also missing under video on Youtube. This also means I cannot check out the links myself now. -----------
The video poster proves the point that other videos (Vimeo) don't have time delays, and other sites for fundraisers (the funeral/fundraiser links, including one from "You Care") also don't have time delays; he compares with their other items on the sites. This cannot be time stamps out of synch, as he shows, and there is no way that all of the victim pages be from pages converted to honourary RIP pages, as some have claimed for the once-isolated case of the RIP Victoria Soto Facebook page (now taken down) from Dec. 10.

Or are they that sloppy?

One way or another, this is absolute proof.

All other items about this SH event are highly suggestive; this is absolute.

Please focus on it.
Thank you.

Vimeo has taken down the pages now. (See Marc Michel's comment here, from ca. 6 a.m., Jan. 9, 2012 here: )

The fundraisers have not, maybe. But ...

I can't find out: the links are no longer given under the video in the description section; perhaps Youtube took them off. The poster asks us to "Like" the video (vote it up), which works. All comments are disabled, which could be his doing, but I doubt it: because no links are given under the video anymore, as he said he'd done in the video.


  1. You're doing a great job! Keep up the good fight Claire!

  2. Thanks! I am being attacked roundly by 2 9/11 researchers -- to the point of bullying. Peace activists?! --- And was on a radio show today where some of them thought I was "using NLP" on them, when I corrected how someone was saying "psy op" to mean "all fake, fully fake, all lies". SHEESH! ----------- Thank you!!! Doing my best. THANKS!!!!