Friday, 18 January 2013

Great new show on Satanism, Nazism, MKUltra

Sorry to those who mistrust anything and everything from Coast to Coast AM (C2C), or mistrust the mindset of someone who believes in God or if that doesn't bug you, that the someone also brings in spiritual/religious language to concepts which don't need them necessarily.

Starts at 38 min's in.
Note also: some of the statistics are multigenerational abuse, but not Satanic in a ring. I think some numbers are in that group, not an actual ring or a formal one.

(Updated link on Jun. 17, 2013; original was taken down.)

The main interviewee would sound to many like a "fanatic" in some ways even if he were not discussing this topic, but his content is calm, experienced, and, stripped of religious language or converted to other language at times, the contents show some good material.

The man's Website is "intense", "biased", "limited group" (unprofessional); but the materials he discusses and how he had experience with police on this issue are important to hear. Hence, I am drawing your attention to them. (His Website is at, but he's better in the interview overall than on the Website, at first glance, anyway.) His name is Russ Dizdar.

But it might be better for the less-informed person to hear it straight from a former NYPD cop.
There's a great interview on Radiofetzer about that, but right now I forget the person's name, so when I have it, I'll find the link. It's not coming up in my searches right now. (Jun 17, 2013)

Just be patient.
I thought it would be worthwhile to put this up here, though it takes SIFTING and further work for a person to understand this stuff and what's real.

Interview with police cult crime trained investigator. 25 years of tracking it. 35 years' experience.
But this overall show is excellent! Not perfect, as with anything, but great.

There IS A DEBUNKER in the last hour. He is very angry. He raises good points -- but he's not dealing well with the McMartin daycare case, and the details of the victims and the caverns and so on.

The main interviewee has been through the ugly side; he mentions the "False Memory Syndrome Foundation" and denials -- and shows up the debunker.

Perhaps he's mistaken that the technology is all from Nazis, but it seems to have been accelerated by such influence in history. States that all multiple personality sufferers have a German personality, among those he's dealt with. Of course, this could be added to non-Nazi programming, too.

Unfortunately, the interviewee's Website is typical of looking all over the place, Biblical "overkill" for some; it looks disorganized, unprofessional. The interview, however, is packed with information and experience.


Remember George Harrison of the Beatles had such a Satanic attacker assassin ... etc.

Almost always a Satanic connection for such events.

If Sandy Hook involved Adam Lanza, or if there were any group functioning in Newtown, Sandy Hook which helped, among other persons who were (sorry!) fake or in witness protection as well ... it may have a Satanic and neo-Nazi connection.

There is satellite imagery now, from Russia, given to Mi5, which is a maroon van travelling to a supposedly Israeli Mossad safe house where neo-Nazi materials were found. The simple idea that this is Jewish pretense does not make sense: why leave the neo-Nazi materials at the safe house, not at Sandy Hook school?

Please see other pages on blog about Lanza's barber, hand signs in the photos, Vatican connection to Noah Pozner, Adam's interest in Satanism (or so it's claimed).

Some police are involved in this, or used in this. This interview covers this; for more info on some of this hear also


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