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Guns vs. Current anomalies: SH

(Please also read post of Dec. 9, 2012)

In response to an e-mail thread:
This video shows a news service (NBC) reporting 4 handguns at the school and "presumably" not including the rifle in the car.

Jeff Prager suggested this is an error, when replying to Gordon Duff, Jim Fetzer, me and others.

Now, taking that position myself, which I DID ON MY BLOG HERE already, we can say more, as the following:


Other than the 3 other guns reported found SOMEWHERE, named as "Authorities also recovered three other guns — a Henry repeating rifle, an Enfield rifle and a shotgun. It was not clear exactly where those weapons were found" in an AP article at

--- there are 3 guns in the school in the Hartford Courant Dec. 14 article and in the article above (which has them as: "At least three guns were found — a Glock and a Sig Sauer, both pistols, inside the school, and a .223-caliber rifle in the back of a car, authorities said. A law enforcement official speaking on condition of anonymity said some of the guns used in the attack may have belonged to Lanza's family. His mother had legally registered four weapons, his father two").
--- there are 2 handguns in most early reports,
--- there is a (sometimes reported as .233) rifle found in a Honda,
--- there is a question about the Honda's ownership -- it seems to be Rodia's yet the article in the video (linked at the top of this page), an article about sealed search warrants, talks of only "Adam's" Honda and his mother's silver BMW --
--- there are stories (now settled down into the official story) of 4 guns total (Bushmaster and 2 handguns in school, rifle in car, whoever's car it is)
there is also this report of 4 guns all being handguns on NBC ( ) and "presumably" no rifle at all, though that is very likely the reporter's error

So: the 4 guns on NBC, as Jeff said, though stated as all being handguns COULD be a misunderstanding of 4 guns TOTAL (plus the clear misunderstanding by the reporter about the "apparently" no rifle in the car).

But the rest remains unexplained, as Jeff does NOT explain. The other 3 guns (in the home? in the school from other shooters?) ... have never been located for us and most reports now don't mention them; the confusion between the .233 gun in the car or school, the only handguns in the school idea in some reports.


There are, of course, many other problems along with guns themselves.

Jeff has done a good job pointing to the fact that with the multiple types of reports on the guns, we could have confusion in the story legitimately. But;

- when it comes to the car (Rodia's) and the sealed affidavit (that Lanza had the same type, plus Mom had a silver BMW) --- though it may be that the Rodia name and the car are NOT associated. There is some problem with the audio at that point. Why Rodia was being checked out is another guess. Was he just hanging around?
- and when it comes to feeling through and thinking through the possibility of actor testimony -- -- not the specifics of who people think the actors were, for I have not seen anyone accurate on that yet, NO THE GREENBERGS ARE NOT THE COUPLE AT SANDY HOOK, which is a major claim out there. But just the way to tell that the parents are almost all actors or participants who are lying -- for money or whatever --
- and when it comes to the Emilie with Obama indications
- and when it comes to not having an explanation for what's missing from the records, as Gordon pointed out (CCTV of Lanza at ranges, for example, or a teacher's certificate for Mom, or Internet presence for either he, his Mom or the teacher and most of the families of students killed) ... or any perscriptions and details about Lanza or anybody else ...

- and when it comes to the STOLEN FLICKR IMAGE of a living girl used by the UK Daily Mail or fed to them ( )
- and when it comes to the reports of his being at the school having an "altercation" on the 13th, and there would be CCTV of that
- and when it comes to the mother and the nurse testimony dovetailing with the mother and early reports of her being a teacher (even at the school, which the nurse did not explicitly say according to the one video mentioning her statements about that) -- So the  -- NOTE, however, this video poster makes a statement that the nurse must be fake, despite her naturalness, simply because the first reporter mentions her making eye contact with the shooter and dropping under her desk and the nurse said she dropped first and never saw his face only his lower legs. But the idea of her seeing him could have crept into the first reporter's mind, if the nurse said to her she saw him AND dropped down, but didn't mean in that order. This is an ordinary human error on both their parts. I don't regard this as an indication of fakery in this case.
- and when it comes to Rosen's apologetics about the pile of toys and the towel on the black (Honda? -- Lanza? Rodia?) car used in background
- and when it comes to manu cornuto signs (Manu cornuto: ---- ... has Emilie at bottom, has man behind Soto at top. IMPORTANT: In the middle is a hat prominent with upside-down pentagram in middle for custodian. But note they've ADDED the example of a Satanic symbol in the square, to make the point upon posting. So the hat example is the least incriminating, since it is a band's logo, but it is prominent for the custodian's Facebook page. This item therefore is less problematic than Emilie and the man behind Soto)
- and when it comes to threat (or protection and lies about threats to) the St. Rose of Lima church ( --
- and when it comes to changing gun number and when they change
- and when it comes to the types of damage to bodies
- and when it comes to the fire hall as not merely gathering area but all photo ops with no (or few? -- I haven't seen any) comments it's a fire hall at the time
- and when it comes to the bad police treatment of the gun in the back of the car
- and when it comes to the movie and Olympics 2012 suggestions ...

- and when it comes to the very hype needed to legally reduce and start more social blaming and shaming re. guns and selling (e.g., Internet selling is punished by a bank), redefining what's acceptable, start processes which limit ... before outright planned confiscation ...

Jeff has not taken it in. He's not seeing that these are the

PLUS he has not learned the key things about Columbine, clearly.


About the "fake Emilie photo"
There is an unnatural area between Robbie and Emilie, indicating a dropped-in background.

Emilie's hairline at the top is cut-out circular over her head, not only no hair out of place there, but no hairline shape.

The background is dropped in. Emilie herself may not be. But it's true the grass does not extend over her white outfit from his knee. The grass may have been added in anyway, or something extra done to Emilie.

It is NOT a natural photo but she does have a reason for being in the background with less of an arm shadow.


and attached (same)


Also, is this a Honda Civic at Rosen's house? (Note, can't see license plate from shoulder, seemingly deliberately -- watch camera movements and body movements.) Note towel over window. Prop is car from crime scene?

and attached (same)

Manfredonia and Rodia; latter was handcuffed.
Rodia's car was taken away. It is a Honda Civic and seems to therefore be the Civic with the gun. Unless we have a photo of his car being taken away because he was detained, but NO photo of the Honda Lanza car.

Connections between a Manfredonia who was there trying to reach his daughter:

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