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More Uh-Ohs at Sandy Hook

(Please also read post of Dec. 9, 2012)

UPDATE: Feb. 16, 2013. The Youtube video about the replacement of Allison Wyatt with someone else's live daughter's photograph ( ) is now "Unavailable". It does not say the account is closed or the video was subject to copyright infringement. However, it was mirrored at Youtube, but I forget where. Here is an early OTHER video about the subject (though the Daily Mail UK has changed the photo duly to the one provided in the Memorial page now, however):

Due to the publication of this article:

I have put together the following synopses, corrections, links.

I have asked the authors to include them, including the ones on fake news problematics -- but they are posted here for you in case there is no update forthcoming on the article (the 1st comment is due to the intro section about some chemistry work by one of the authors; the rest is about Sandy Hook itself):

From: Clare Kuehn
To: James Fetzer (and others)
Sent: Sunday, January 6, 2013 4:36:09 PM
Subject: Re: "Sandy Hook: Analogies with the London 7/7 Bombings"


1. CHILD VICTIM PHOTO STOLEN FROM LIVE CHILD: MOTHER'S FLICKR ALBUM RAIDED FOR OR BY THE DAILY MAIL, UK. Mother freaked out, not knowing how this happened, and the media corrected the "mistake". Mother thought it was horrible for the "real" victim's family:

Shades of some of the 9/11 Hijackers, who turned up alive and well ... or their identities did, anyway.

NOTE: I am not saying NO-ONE died. It could be, but I think it more likely that some DID die on the spot; others may be padded numbers, still alive (Emilie Parker), and yet others abducted. Not all persons (such as Obama, Feinstein, Holder) would have to know if there were abductions. They may have wanted only few deaths or none and helped the crisis actor stuff happen.

2. Doubt about media location:

Suggestion: link to this movie (and advise you are ONLY supporting from 3:25 to 7:24 right now):

- It goes further than you do in this: they point out that all those blankets and ambulances and caution tape are shown in other images which are definitely the FIRE HALL, which is at the main turn-off onto the dead-end road leading to the school. In fact, the Sandy Hook School sign they show is AT THE FIRE HALL.
- Even the "Sandy Hook School, established 1959" sign is real, but AT THE FIRE HALL corner, because that's where the turn-off to get to the school's dead-end street is
- All photos there: it's the media reporter location. (For any media not in on the event, probably reporters were told this was better than being at the school where the need was) 
- Possible crisis actors, "staging" point: all photos are there
- Probably also legitimate public and parents and kids there  

3. Confirmation they had CCTV (and that Lanza's mother was a kindergarten teacher -- somewhere -- so she'd have a certificate AND we'd have CCTV not only of Lanza passing by possibly, but also of others in and out) ... unless Nurse is fake (which I doubt: she is registered in CT as a nurse, but as Sarah not Sally Cox); if she were fake her points here would be scripted then that's another problem. If she's not fake, it runs counter to the police statements and is important:

Suggestion: link to this testimony:

- Put in the points raised in the video and some quoted remarks.

4. Actors used: Emilie (daughter of bizarre parent Robbie) seems to be with Obama, and note a photo of her shows the "manu cornuto" and also behind teacher Vicky Soto

- Emilie with Obama? :
What happened to Emilie is another logic issue entirely then: dead at the school?  sent back to Utah? in a witness protection 2nd-life program? ............. or, in an even less pleasant theory: dead elsewhere? (Whatever else was going on in Newtown, her father's happy performance suggests he is not at all upset or even stressed, so his daughter is also likely not dead ... unless he and his wife are part of a pedophile killing ring as were the Ramsays of JonBenet fame, it seems -- though I think it's unlikely the Parkers are; there would be some anxiety from him about the cover-up, I'd think.)
- (has emilie at bottom, has man behind Soto at top). IMPORTANT: In the middle is a hat prominent with upside-down pentagram in middle for custodian -- but note they've ADDED the example of a Satanic symbol in the square, to make the point upon posting -- the hat example being the least incriminating, since it is a band's logo, but it is prominent for the custodian's Facebook page. This item therefore is less problematic than Emilie, if it's not "I love you" in sign language, and the man behind Soto, where it clearly is not an "I love you" from his negative expression.

5. Teacher Soto's Dec. 10 RIP page:

Suggestion: Update your info to mention: someone could have turned their Dec 10 FB page into an RIP page in honour of Soto after the shooting (as Prager has pointed out), but it does not explain why the page would be taken off within 2 hours of videos and links posted to it on Youtube.

6. NURSE said mother of Lanza was excellent kindergarten teacher.  Mother should have a teacher's certificate somewhere and work history: was not just a stay-at-home Mom.  Where mother taught is not stated.  & Adam Lanza himself was no problem, she said. Adam Lanza also had a connection to the school, then. And note also that a statement is made elsewhere by news reporters that the mother was found at the school, which could be a mistake or a truth.

 Note: the video-maker suggests that the story of the nurse included he locking eyes with the shooter and then dropping under her desk. If this was what she said, it does, as the videomaker says, CONFLICT with her later testimony that she'd already dropped under her desk and saw the shooter's lower legs 20 feet away.

HOWEVER, I think this could be GENUINELY a misunderstanding on the part of the 1st reporter ... Yes, "locked eyes with" could be, of course, a lie or a script, but the dropping under the desk remains the same and I think the reporter who said she locked eyes with the shooter may have been assuming there but she'd already dropped down, as she says in person.

There is a video also suggesting that Sally Cox isn't registered in the CT nurse database, but she is, and there are notes under that video saying so: she's registered as Sarah, which is the original form of "Sally". So if you run across that video, just know that she seems to be LEGITIMATE, of all these people.

7. Gene Rosen's broken dark Honda (?) -- Has towel over driver's window. Is it Adam's car/ Adam's mother's car/ Rodia's car?

(NOTE that the casualty list is seemingly not a problem, though the video-maker suggests it is in the comments. Rosen says he saw it same day and some reports do have it prepared already that early.)

Toy pile in that video also IS so obviously a photo op with the implication that all the kids left their toys (and he picks one up and says a little girl left it), that Rosen went back on TV later to EXPLAIN the toy pile!! (Video below)

While doing so, however, he makes another flub: he says they're his grandson's toys, that he brought them all down to comfort the kids -- nice photo op pile, though! Yet he feels he has to look up his grandson's photo on his phone, as if to show us, but then pauses and pulls the phone to himself. No proof of grandson is given.





-------- Statement about Nick's "conduct[ing] scientific research on the Holocaust"

Suggestion: change to "conduct[ed] physical scientific research, on exact methods of death during the Holocaust"

- the word "physical" grounds the kind of thinking he uses, sounds less "anti-Jewish" in attitude, since he's not anti-Jewish in intention.
- "exact methods of death" shows he knows that many died --- though he thinks end-time deaths mostly from starvation as slave class when Germany was under sanctions and typhus, plus some from killings over time.
- "during the Holocaust" suggests he's not denying A Holocaust (though fewer total dead, too, in his opinion), but is ending up redefining what the Nazis did and didn't do deliberately, at the end, leading to the deaths which occurred -- according to his statements on his findings; he is not denying they enslaved and killed Jews and others OR that there was a Holocaust of death (that many died in the end at least on their watch), so the statement above should be changed to reflect a clearer point on what he thinks.

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