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NEW Q's: Sandy Hook

(Please also read post of Dec. 9, 2012)

Boring as it may seem to do it this way, this is the product of e-mail and search over the last while.

So I'm posting it for your edification and assessment:

Jeff Prager has raised some very important points.

1. The Courant article is early and local, so might be the most accurate; if the official story is roughly correct, we can view it as containing the most official story points accurately but others (NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox) got aspects of the story wrong, over time. The official story may not be right, but this article is anyway the earliest complete story:

2. Rodia's true criminal nature (maybe not as intense as it had seemed).

3. People in the local park around the school would naturally be suspects without being shooters (though at least two were seen running (as shadows) outside the gym (tinted windows?), and brought into custody by police, and at least one arrested in the woods was in camouflage for some reason. They might have been involved or not, but it isn't fair to say we know there were 3 shooters/ accomplices for sure.

4. Adam didn't come in SWAT gear but he was wearing bulletproof vest, according to many sources. However, now that's changed to a utility vest: http://www.chicoer.com/breakingnews/ci_22273900/newtown-school-shooter-adam-lanza-wasnt-wearing-bulletproof

5. Inconsistencies can be bad or confused reporting (but they also can leave telltale early tidbits which are confirmed later)

What Jeff does not handle are the following (so far):

1. RIP Victoria Soto from Dec 10 (is there any way to have a page mis-dated on Facebook? does it update each time you post a photo? does it automatically generate a new date when ... what? because the link for that page is down 2 hours after the Youtube citizen posted a mention of it by posting a link to it, figuring stupidly that it would remain up -- she shows the dead link after in a video -- and someone else shows the page as it was, for he posted a video of it not just a link at the time)

2. Lt. Vance's long pause and complete deflection from discussing the mother's relationship to the school (he tries to handle this but the man's pause and deflection are blatant and thus Jeff is not assessing the verbal clues well on this one)

3. Emilie's Satanic hand sign and her father's bizarre performance (not just nervous but a series of calm and friendly smiles and then hyperventilation and back to mostly calm with some smiles for a while

4. Victoria Soto's photo with a man looking very serious and giving the Satanic hand sign directly to the camera. (I don't know how it would connect, but in the police documents we do find Satanic and neo-Nazi cabals working with the teens- 20s-30s Denver-area trenchcoat mafia groups -- and they were extensive -- before Columbine shootings.)

5. The general flatness of the salient emotions of most interviewees -- a detailed discussion of which would take too long in this note. Suffice to say for the moment: I don't mean they're all without expressiveness (emotions), but the emotions don't flow or have key signals of being genuine in many instances. Contrariwise, flatness in some speakers, however, is flatter without looking repressed (real emotion of forcing a flatness so as not to express genuine feelings inside). Flatness without repression is also a sign of acting: nothing is there to repress.

6. Gene Rosen's likely link to the Screen Actor's Guild and he being the one of the only major interviewees who has some real feeling bubbling up (he could professionally act fairly well, too, I'm sure), but whose story is strained: those kids leave a pile of toys in his front room? It's implied they did. He mentions a little girl left hers, and picks it from the pile. The impression is not that his kids have all these toys and he shows one which a little girl left. It's a photo-op of kid's toys, instead, by implication.

7. Bodies moved at night

8. No CCTV frames released (which Jeff mentions and says he figures or hopes they will show up)

9. The threat to the local St Rose of Lima church (which indeed, Adam himself could have done, but if so, why? what happened at the church? -- and the hypothesis of rape to Adam because of the violent and almost-convicted but moved pedophile who reigned there when he was 6 onward)

10. Only one injured, meaning surviving for ANY length of time worth mentioning. This is a key point: even if people have part of their head blown off they can survive a few hours sometimes. Or several bullets in the gut and legs and lungs, they can survive, and more often survive temporarily (a few hours or a day). ONE survived at all.

11. The treatment of the gun in the car: it's unprofessional.

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