Friday, 25 January 2013

Police & Gene Rosen & A Cooper against green screen

Easier and cheaper to do Anderson Cooper with Veronique Pozner not at funeral?
Easier and better lighting to get Gene Rosen inside, instead of at his tree-lined driveway?
Easier and ... ? to get the police (or what?) inside a nice studio?


Gene Rosen's nose and edge of glasses:

Line along police faces:


Note missing forehead (and nose compression) Anderson Cooper (see details about this in previous post, yesterday: ).



And here, shorter examples, including Anderson Cooper in TWO examples, not one (though both are from same shot as post yesterday showed -- but I talked about in more detail of one of the examples, and that video shows that one close up):

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  1. DAMMIT! I HIT DELETE, NOT REPLY ON A COMMENT. I AM SO SORRY. You said, Anonymous, that all these videos are taken down.

    They were definitely green screens. It's okay for the info briefly to get out, but no new folks to notice, I guess.

    I had the videos saved, but my hard drive failed with no backup at the time. I do apologize I can't get them.

    Perhaps there are other videos like them? Maybe not as good?