Monday, 21 January 2013

School staff & others: not to discuss Nancy Lanza?

I was sent the following today, by a fellow researcher named Gregg. It recounts his and a friend's attempts to get any information out of Newtown and region about Nancy Lanza, Sally Cox (school nurse), Gene Rosen (school neighbour witness). It is presented with its typing errors intact and some comments for caution by me:


Here's something you might enjoy seeing.
I called Sandy Hook elementary last week
and another pal of mine called 5 shooting
ranges closest to Sandy Hook.

Here is what eventuated from our calls.

A 30 something woman called me back after
I left a message saying I was looking for
their PE teacher (used as a ruse to get a
call back). Their school number is 203
area code, she called back on a 508 (Boston)
Charles Giuliani said that area is 2 hours
away, which doesn't prove anything, I just
find it interesting. Anyhow, here is the phone

Hi, is Gregg there?

GREGG: Yes, this is he.

I am calling from Sandy Hook.

GREGG: Oh, hi. Thanks for calling back. Who am I talking to?

I just work here and got your message off the recorder.

GREGG: Oh, ok. Well, I was wondering if you might be able to use any basketballs? I coach HS hoops here in Seattle, and seeing and hearing about your tragedy, I wanted to donate some balls to your school.

Well, that's nice of you but we are well set.

GREGG: These are top of the line balls. Maybe the kids could use them.

Thanks, but we are taken care of.


Look, I have a bunch of other calls lined up here so I have to go.

GREGG: Okay, I understand, but there is one other thing I wanted to ask.

Yes, what is it?

GREGG: Did Nancy Lanza ever teach there?


Look, I can't comment about any of this and I really need to go.

GREGG: Okay, but do you know Sally Cox?


Eh, yeah.

GREGG: Well, I saw her on ABC news say that Nancy Lanza taught there and was a wonderful person and everyone loved her.

Look, I can't discuss this.

GREGG: So, what's the big deal here? Either she taught there or didn't, which is it? The truth doesn't compromise anyone's safety. You already stated you knew Nurse Cox. What's the big truth here?

I have to go.



My pal's phone work[:]


Yeah, this is SOP...everybody has been told to STFU. [Note from Clare: For some reason, they're following the suggestion, protective, belief they're helping, probably.]

I did call 5 shooting ranges within a 50 mile radius of Newtown and everybody has never heard of nancy lanza [sic]. Then I called the fire house, told them I was the Miami Herald and wanted to ask him about Gene Rosen, he hung up on me. LOL [Note from Clare: Could be they're sick of reporters.]

One call to a local real estate company got the same cold shoulder. If they havent [sic] been warned directly they are heeding the words of the state cops. Total lockdown, they did this in Oklahoma city so it doesnt [sic] surprise me. Nobody but nobody in OKC would talk about that shit.


  1. In attempting to analyse the complex motivations, planning details, and apparent contradictory flaws in the execution of a major psyop such as Sandy Hook, researchers must always be on guard against "glomming on" (to use a favored term of the chosen) to such over-simplified explanations as "all the deaths were faked,'" "none of the pictures are real," or "all the media is controlled". Such a situation could, indeed, be the case, but WE DON"T KNOW FOR CERTAIN. And in regard to the third of these temptingly facile statements, please consider that there are multiple-thousand, local broadcast stations in the USA. The US Army never did (even back in the old-time radio days of WWII) have a "censor" in every local studio -- and they certainly don't today either. But back then they DID have well-trained, on-duty propaganda specialists (empowered to alter script content) assigned to key positions at the major NETWORKS, where the vast bulk of the mass-distributed programming originated. And when the war ended, these uniformed "information guard" officers were relieved of duty, but were soon replaced (as the Cold War began) with bought-and-paid-for, plainclothes CIA "assets" who essentially were co-opted/trained media personnel occupying key jobs at various information-flow "choke points". And thus it has remained for nearly seven decades, a fact that amazingly was even confirmed once in an interview with the (fatally) loose-lipped former CIA director William Colby.

    It's fascinating to speculate just how many of the news, public-safety, and medical-services personnel involved in the Sandy Hook psyop were "accessories before the fact," complicit in the conscious planning and carrying out of the "drill-flipped-live" (to use Dr. Tarpley's ingenious 9/11 term), how many were then, or still are, fooled by the spooks' elaborate deception scheme, and how many (upon facing their own mounting suspicions) were threateningly "convinced" that they had no safe option other than to play along with the charade and "bite their tongues" when confronted by inconvenient questioning.

    But we just don't know yet what are the the proportions (of fakers, dupes, and the coerced). And perhaps we won't... for many years to come, anyway. But we'll learn even less, in the long run, if we don't keep digging and enquiring now, while the evidence (possibly forged) and witnesses (possibly lying) are at least somewhat accessible and vulnerable to slip-ups and lack of backstory documentation. Just don't fall victim to too-simple, overbroad and thus unlikely solutions to the deviously plotted, multi-layered mysteries at hand. Verify, verify, verify -- EVERY (Sandy Hook) claim, personage, and detail you can. And then try again.

  2. Agreed. Commented on this on Patriot Radio New Orleans with Gary King (show aired today). Said it's not confirmed either way.

    Show is supposed to be up on Podcast soon at

  3. Something positive, instead: ---- Lol.