Friday, 25 January 2013

Scott Getzinger was prop master of Truman Show movie

Scott Getzinger, property master (props for film) for The Dark Knight film, which had Sandy Hook's name on a map, changed from the initial version (per previews), and who died and lived in Newtown, Connecticut, was also prop master on the Truman show. (For info on the death of this important witness to the inside of the Sandy Hook prop in the Dark Night movie, see this other post here, "Dark Knight Rises: New info SH" from Jan. 9, 2013.)

 "The Truman Show" movie (general info):
This movie about simulated reality -- living a CIA media reality dream of fake news, fake reality, in effect.

Anyone familiar with fake news ... (I'll try to go back and get links of examples other than the one for Sandy Hook and Anderson Cooper on a green screen, but I'm busy right now and wanted to post this anyway) ... Anyone familiar with fake news will know that we have absolute proofs and constant likelihood proofs.

Did he know and was he personally interested in fighting (or helping) fake reality "mass propaganda" or, as it's called by some who loosely lump it in with more direct forms of psychological operations, "mass mind control"?

Technically speaking: does his working on The Truman Show prove a case for Sandy Hook conspiracy? No. But not all things which are part of a conspiracy and persons or mind-sets which helped make it happen are enough to prove the whole conspiracy, on their own, after. They can be things which show a contribution, or a likely contribution. Perhaps Getzinger was interested in or knew of CIA interference in film and TV and news -- was into it or was unhappy with it, or simply knew when Sandy Hook's name was put into the film Dark Knight Rises, and how the 322 (Skull and Bones) and Aurora references got in.

It may well be that he was aware of the fakeness of his medium, even reveled in it, but was killed to cover up his exposing something about the Sandy Hook prop and Aurora highlighted name and 322 Skull and Bones reference on the sports viewing box (?) in the Dark Knight Rises film.

Artists and tech on media productions know things (as some others do) and have a chance to express them; also, they may see or hear things happen in their workplace which are suspicious (as some other people do). Only that artists and tech in media productions also are hearing things which affect millions.