Monday, 21 January 2013

SH fake photo op: Street poles & sign different?

Well, unless telephone poles AND a sign (misspelled, to boot) are different than when the Google car went by, this photo was taken off location from the fire hall near the Sandy Hook elementary school.

It would be nice to see an updated view of the location.

UPDATE:  YES IT'S DICKENSON DR. FOR REAL -- per the USPS, US Postal Service -- so this is NOT a Google error --- WE NEED ANYBODY PATRIOTIC TO GO TO THE CORNER AND SEE IF THE SIGN AND LAMPPOSTS ARE RIGHT, i.e., if the sign is in error or even if they've changed it now, we need to see if the shot is the same view as the photo ... NOW!

Do they try to cover up on Google the easy view of the sign (which has no street name on it anyway), with a big black square? Why this anomaly in this very spot? If you go around, you see it. It can happen, on Google, that there's a missing image, but is it strange that this place got one, when it's so important to this event.

So: Google, CNN, Holder are my suspects, if this location is wrong.

Sandy Hook photo might have been fake site or prop: Name of street wrong and posts of street name, etc. are up where there are none in Google Earth.

Jack White would be proud of this video maker for at least finding this difference. -- Poles are different, too: so is it just a street sign and pole put up after Google Earth Car went by? It's a good point, at least.

Can we check this out somehow?

Note: this might mean ...
we have a more complex set of media fakery (lying) methods than might have been assumed if it were only a triage site for a drill, gone live, with mostly non-complicit reporters and real townsfolk hanging around as well as liars.

This indicates, if so, a combination of fakery methods for the event: drill at school, real shots, fake triage, real triage, real dead (from elsewhere, I think), fake photos nicely staged where reporters and chaos of real townsfolk weren't in the way.


  1. Wait, wait, wait, a guy debunked this entire story and you removed his comments and everyone elses?

  2. I was just going to copy and paste his several comments that trashed this fabrication of a story and they're gone. How convenient that only you and I and he/she know that this is bunk. I noticed you're changing something on the dead Adam Lanza in New Hamshire post now also. You know, in almost 8 years I've never deleted a comment, mine or anyone elses. I don't believe in censorship Clare.

  3. Why did you delete dozens of comments? Six of those comments completely debunked this hoax of a story and you deleted them. You're a coward and afraid to admit mistakes.

    1. I didn't delete any comments. I haven't checked comments in days. I decided I would delete NO comments unless they were simply rude or spam.

      Perhaps they didn't post initially? There were very few comments up to recent days, so I don't check regularly. I just checked because I noticed 2 on this recent post. But there are actually more. I don't know if Blogger screws up?

  4. The Google image was taken years ago. Poles are changed, the street sign is above a stop sign now and there isn't one thing that's odd about this. The street has ALWAYS been spelled Dickinson so it's not mispelled. The big black square was a Google Earth anomaly, a known Google Earth anomaly that happens sometimes. Go back again, it won't be there because it's a known anomaly. Where do you get off thinking a street corner photo should look the same as it did 2 years prior? We take Rodia, casualty list, cskets and dozens of other things away from you and so you resort to THIS? You can't admit you're wrong? Of course not and you never will.

    1. No, Jeff, you've only shown that there's some possibility the slightly odd stories and situations could occur in some normal situation, separately. For example, there are some closed and some open casket (though my understanding is it's mostly closed); and yet parents weren't ALLOWED to see their children; and all had police with them on the first night. Very unusual, if it was all simple and I've never heard of that at a mass shooting before.

  5. Jeff, how often does Google Earth change their images, every few years?

    I called Sandy Hook elementary school and got hold of a woman who could not even answer whether Nancy Lanza worked there. She hung up on me after stuttering. Why have to duck this simple question? It's not compromising anyone's health, unless the CIA has threatened or bought them off. Another pal called all the shooting ranges within 50 miles, not one person knew the Lanzas.

    Why only one pic of Noah Pozner, age 3, on the Pozner's FB pages? Why NO PICS of Noah and his tight pal/cousin, Ethan Haller (they had hung out last summer and really bonded!), on any of the 4 parents FB pages? DYK the Jew lawyer in Woodinville, Alexis Haller (Ethan's dad), Veronique's brother, pushed tighter gun laws last week and within 24 hours so did his alleged sister on the right coast. I guess just another coincidence that Prager can explain away.

    Jeff, are you a Jew?

    Why didn't the responders wear coats on 12/14?--it had been 29 degrees at 8 am and amazingly went up 12 degrees in an hour. At 41 that's a little weird no winter coats to be seen as the actors mill around.

    You are the shill, laughed at by most every earnest researcher.

    1. Colin, I would expect that anyone calling the school and asking if Nancy Lanza ever worked there or even asking ANYTHING about this massacre would be told the same and hung up on. Anytime after 9:30am on the 14th and now and asking about the tragedy is probably not a good idea.

      Please link me to data on new gun laws. I'd need to see what those laws are to comment. Anyone would. Certainly I'm very interested in any new gun laws that are passed.

      Why would it matter what my religion is? I don't believe in any religions, I'm a devout Atheist. Do you think all Jews think alike? Do all Muslims think alike too? How about all Christians? What kind of question is that from someone seriously interested in arriving at the truth?

      If everyone was walking around in short sleeves and they were actors one would think that as actors they would have also been prepared for the weather. Since, as actors, they had to be well prepared for everything else. I would assume people were walking around dressed improperly because this was a massive emergency call for everyone to drop what they were doing and head to the school for a shooting and quite a few responders probably ran out without grabbing jackets.

      I don't think your characterization of attire is correct. You make it sound like everyone was dressed in t-shirts. Here's a link to an image from the 14th. It looks like everyone is dressed properly and no one looks cold at all. And you do know that over 200 law enforcement and rescue workers responded?

      What's most important here is your theory which no one has yet revealed to me. What I'd like to know is this:

      Were all of the responders in on it?
      Were all of the parents in on it?
      Are the kids really dead?
      Were all of the people, and there are 12 so far, that testified that they knew Adam at Sandy Hook, at Newtown High School and at the college he attended lying about him or telling the truth and are they in on it?
      What part do his brother and Dad have in this?
      What was the reason to put Mr. Parker on TV?
      What was the reason for the Bee article?
      What was the reason for naming Ryan as the murderer?
      Is Adams mother dead and who killed her if she is?

      I'd like to understand what happened and you seem to know a lot more than me. Please help me out here.

    2. Supposedly, Jeff, it's the last 2-3 years when Adam was not around.
      There were deaths, but how many and where all of them occurred, and all kinds of other questions have been raised.

      Your religion or family religion does not make you tied to power networks: Lansky, Catholic, political coup artists, coverup groups, whatever.

      I agree.

      I also put caveats on my posts; of course there's the possibility of everyone getting "reporter fatigue", but since the nurse so roundly confirmed Nancy's existence as a teacher and then retracted it (a very unusual thing to have happen), while the story changed again and again about her -- to the point that now Adam is "motiveless" for the crime -- we do really have to take seriously the kind of "I can't talk about this" response, with jittery behaviour and long pauses, from the person called at the school.