Monday, 21 January 2013


There is a photo which might be a photo op fake from another location.

The plot thickens because the sign is now proven to be on the street corner -- misspelled. Some signs do happen to be misspelled, but unfortunately the proof that the sign is there (or was added very recently?) does not show the lampposts on the corner properly, or the ground around, to determine if these things were recently dug.

It may be a red herring, but it also may be a *real* stinking fish.

Though initially, in the video, they wondered if the sign's wrong name was correct or not, because Google has the name of the street as Dickenson, it turns out that, per the USPS (US Postal Service), which corrects any entry of "Dickinson", that yes IT'S DICKENSON DR. FOR REAL -- so this is NOT a Google error.

Someone went to the corner and proved the sign is there, misspelled (at least it is now -- these things can be planted and could account for a misspelling, though also that can be innocent). But the LAMPPOSTS don't show in the photo and they're different, too, and harder to change, so --- WE NEED ANYBODY PATRIOTIC TO GO TO THE CORNER AND SEE IF THE LAMPPOSTS ARE RIGHT, We need to see if the shot is the same view as the photo ... NOW! Before they can change the lampposts.

The proof that the sign is misspelled (the sign that's there now) is at: Could be put up to fool us, or could be misspelled street sign, per USPS name of street. The electricity/ telephone poles will tell, but unfortunately the only pic (see that link I just gave) does not show the whole corner. We need someone to get the whole corner, with different backgrounds in it and show the ground, to see if the lampposts or the sign post have been recently dug.

.............We need action NOW. There is almost NO forensic evidence in this case other than this.

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