Thursday, 17 January 2013

Vatican pedophilia connection to SH

Washington Post article with comments were sent to me by "PeedOffPatriot Researcher". My comments follow the dots:

The uncle of Noah Pozner, one of the so-called "victims" at Sandy Hook, just happens to be a long-time attorney for the Vatican (about a dozen years!) handling its DEFENSE against the pedophilia lawsuits.

Other news stories have said he's an "international lawyer."

Here's the REAL story . . . and it says his Vatican legal experience has helped him in working with Obama to craft gun control legislation.

here's the link


My own comments:

Just working through some possibilities to account for the connection. (see link from Washington Post above my comments, from PeedOffPatriotResearcher)

Like finding Raytheon dead ( ) on the lists for planes of 9/11 (disappeared persons? some fake? some protected?) this raises a question.

Note: of all people, I know that if a person didn't know of the serious existence of rings and false flags and the uses of the former to help the latter, one would think this was too weird even to wonder about.

However, in support of the pedo/Satanism/Vatican connection to the crime, for the moment, we should note ...
one person was supposedly dressed as a priest for the shooting, another or the same was dressed as a nun or maybe priest in the van on satellite from G Duff's sources, and of course some of the victims could have been killed elsewhere, too -- we can't know, actually. Plus there were the handsigns (Emilie and the unidentified man whose facial expression, unlike Emilie Parker as a possibility, does not have even a remote likelihood of flashing the manu cornuto to mean American Sign Language "I love you", though indeed there is some possibility he could be using it to mean "I'm into Heavy Metal"). Plus there is Adam's obsession with Satanism in high school, and his missing status in the neighbourhood for 2-3 years, if all reports are correct and the barber's untimed (unspecified timing) statements are not for the recent years, or he's not lying about anything recent if he does state he saw him. He'd be alone. As well, there was some reason the police secured St Rose of Lima church (stated as a threat was called in to the church, according to the story) and police ran into St Rose of Lima school from the parking lot of that school for some reason.

If many children were shot in the face (as some reports had it) and the damage was the "worst the coroner had ever seen" yet the bullets remained in the bodies, they could have been killed elsewhere partly, maybe. If any were padded numbers, i.e., fake names (there was the girl whose photo was "mistakenly" taken by or fed to the Daily Mail from a live girl's mother's Flickr photo pages, though her name is nothing similar), then that's another issue.

Any -- not all were, at all, we know, but -- any fake parents or non-grieving parents have 2 possible explanations, even both of which could be the reason:
1. easy to push gun control through spook or on-the-take families if their kid were sequestered and not dead or they didn't have one and were willing to lie
2. some parents sell their kids or push pedophilia and Satanism on their kids --- think the Ramsays of JonBenet fame, for example. (Sorry, but the example requires familiarity with the case's details to understand the likelihood of such an accusation.)

Just working through some possibilities to account for the connection.

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