Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Victim fake (missing) photo & missing on tribute video

Allison Wyatt, Sandy Hook child victim turned up to have a fake (wrong) photo, as published in the UK Daily Mail and elsewhere. The photo was taken from another family's open, public Flickr album and the family name is not similar at all. (Part 1 -- of the same video set made by the person below, but censored by Youtube on their own site; was mirrored at this link. Got well known enough, it seems, that they didn't take down the mirror version here.)

The victim name and ANY photo are missing from the tribute video: (Part 2)

If this is a pre-set operation where nobody was supposed to die (or very few), this would make sense ... while the Wyatt photo was in dispute, put up no photo on the tribute video, so as to call less attention to her, for those who can be counted as uninformed public.

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