Thursday, 7 February 2013

How many open caskets, and for whom?

So far, I hear there was only one open casket.

It was Noah Pozner's. And he's described as having a CLOTH OVER THE LOWER HALF OF HIS FACE. The claim is that his lower face was blown off. If so, why was Mrs. Pozner so composed when interviewed by Anderson Cooper and Cooper's face in front of a green screen composite image? And why did the Pozners, very rich, put up a Facebook page for donations to the funeral "Noah's Ark of Hope Fund"??)


I have never heard of that -- usually if there's disfigurement, there's no open casket.

All right, for those who have "shock" knee jerk reactions, this next sentence is not for you ... (skip it):
Could it be (sorry to suggest: it was not my own thought!) that he was wax ... or not dead?

All right, the knee jerk reactors can keep reading.

Noah and Emilie are the two cases most filled in, most interviewed, most promoted for storylines (and this COULD be just a natural willingness of those families to give interviews). But if you were going to put out some or all fake death stories, you would need a few more "fleshed in" cases and most could be bare bones.

So let's think about the Pozners:

We know the mother, Veronique was shown NOT at the funeral with Anderson Cooper, but chatting in front of a green screen (as with several other cases of interviews). We also know the uncle of Noah is a high-profile lawyer for the Vatican, defending it against false child abuse cases (and of course even they need a defender); the whole family is rich, some connected to the UN powerhouse; and yet they put up a request for money donations to help with the funeral, at one point even asking for "even $1 would help" on Facebook, for the "Noah's Ark of Hope Fund".


And yes, I know the alternate possibility for Noah:

he was disfigured but they wanted to have the casket open;
and rich people need a fund, too, maybe, or some are crass;
and all the children were so generally disfigured that not only could there be no open caskets for all/ most of the others, but the parents who WANTED to see the children weren't "allowed" at all;
and that it's quite normal now to do all interviews for a huge event in front of green screens.

I know.

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