Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Those caskets at Sandy Hook

UPDATE Apr 4, 2013:
I notice that a Google search (but not an AOL search) for "Sandy Hook Hair Co." is listing THIS post ... because of some notes I made below under comments and NOT listing the appropriate post. If you wish to see my comments here, then fine, but for direct info if you came here to find info on "SHH... Co." please go to the appropriate post at http://youcanknowsometimes.blogspot.ca/2013/01/sh-hair-co-shh-bloody-handprint.html


Well, here's a summary of what we know about some of the behaviour of parents and at funerals:

This was sent to a friend of mine on Youtube, by username ... [withheld by request]

sandy hook kids & open caskets---Veronique Pozner gave a 1.5 hr interview to "The Forward" in which she said she covered Notah's lower face w/ a Jewish scarf & did have the casket open during the private funeral. I assume you're a 'truther' in which case I also recommend you see the video of the boisterous, loud, dry-eyed eulogy she gave at his funeral w/ only a hint of a hitch in her voice. Also, be sure to see in that article that she says her hubby had already gone to Florida to manage his grief w/ friends & this was only about a week after the funeral!

Grace McDonnell was cremated.
Jessica Rekos had a closed coffin.
Monsignor Weiss giggled uncontrollably in a telephone interview (with Huffington Post I believe) WHILE discussing the deaths! They've scrubbed the audio off the internet now but several people heard it & it's been commented on on boards that discuss the Sandy HOok Hoax.

Hope you don't think I'm strange... just spreading information.

Also, Sally Cox, the nurse--she said she locked eyes w/ the gunman & his mom was a kindergrtn teacher there?... then she changed her story hours later. We think she ID'd Scott Vollmer. He's associated w/ Bloomberg. The Stephen Barton connection in my other videos is rather blockbuster too. Okay . Out!


  1. I am really having a lot of problems getting my head around Sandy Hook. So much evidence points toward it being fake. Yet logically I would think that the local community would know, how do you keep a whole community quiet?? Recently Jim Fetzer has been talking about evidence that the school wasn't even operational as a school. That really confuses me, because locals would definitely know something was up. The more evidence that comes to light, the more confused I become.

    1. Hm. Well, having dealt with different cases I can say here in the Newtown problem it's likely the following:

      - confusion as to what to say or do
      - limited people seeing or knowing or suspecting or dismissing certain things (witnesses or interviewee witnesses such as neighbours knowing so little and being kind of confused, too)
      - people really knowing something but not on the "inside" likely told it's "better" to let the investigation keep going without comment (some have said they were told not to say anything -- one was someone I mention on this blog, who got a phone call and said she knew the nurse but can't comment)

      Columbine murders had hundreds of people reporting things wildly different and consistent but not of Harris and Klebold; the documents were sealed for quite a while; loyalty to the police judgment of what's important helped many not trust their own knowledge later; some are still privately fighting and others probably were threatened.

      Not too hard to keep something quiet with so much not seen by so many, in full. Everyone assumes, for the most part, that they are wrong or the little piece they know is insignificant. Anyone else can be either threatened or confused or told it's unhelpful for them to make more of it.

      OKC bombing has a cadre of locals who know or suspect it was an operation. It was hard for them to get their concerns aired.

      Same with many persons who lost family on 9/11.

      Same with people in Dallas during Kennedy's shooting.

      Same with witnesses to Jimmy Saville's abuse of kids.

      Good to look at each case for the people who did/ didn't speak, when they spoke, how, what made them finally realize their piece of the puzzle might be significant, and what happened to those who spoke in different circumstances.

      Let me know if those thoughts help.

  2. Thanks, I can understand how it could work if it was a drill or a faked event, but not if it was a fake school, surely everyone in the community would know if a school was not operational.
    It makes me think of a couple of interviews I heard on Binnall of America (see links below) with a columbine researcher by the name of William Zabel. He suggests that the Columbine area is a "safe community" that housed predominately ex military and intelligence, hence it was easy to keep everyone quiet. Could Sandy Hook be a similar?

    1. I suspect that the Columbine region is just that: I have a post about the NATO and German in Orange, plus the Satanism (and pedophilia) linked to the event, wherein it becomes clear that the region was rife with many "trenchcoat mafia" groups of people older than teens, spreading Nazi and Satanic messages. As to Sandy Hook, I have a post on the "Shh... Co." message of the "Sandy Hook Hair Co." logo with the bloody handprint (print, not full hand, in red), plus the fact that the horrible "Hunger Games" story is written by a woman who lives not only in Newtown, but in Sandy Hook itself, and is the daughter of a family which is military and Catholic -- so possibly linked to the bad side of the Catholic Church and military mind control. Nevertheless, this would not mean the putative killings at Sandy Hook (or partly putative?) would all have persons who know all of the aspects of the town, if the town indeed is rife with military-pedophile-Satanic persons, or some combination thereof. ----------- As to whether the school was operational, let me say my own feelings are unsure of that either way. I have seen a video pointing out that the images (not on Google, but somewhere else, I think) suggest that there was activity and buses at the nearby St Rose of Lima on the same day as there was nothing at Sandy Hook Elementary, and the trees suggest it's not summer, so I get their point that it's possible it wasn't a functioning school. But other images (Google, I think) show activity. So maybe the images suggesting it wasn't operational were taken on a weekend or holiday and there was a function at the other school?