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Corey Haim and Corey Feldman: exposing VIP Pedophiles in US Hollywood

I write to expose issues of controversy.

In order to expose pedophile networks and isolated pedophiles in any industry, we need to acknowledge the ways people do and do not get named or exposed, so to speak. That is what conspiracy theory tells us: the explanatory theory of human cover-up of corruption, or positing that there is one when there is no official bold statement to confirm it (even when there are officials who do, without fanfare).

Hollywood examples of abuse using sex (or money, drugs, threats) are one set of example. Also, I briefly knew Corey Haim in Junior High School, where he was still going between school and the Hollywood industry, though he did not stay in my school after that. I knew and liked him and from that, some bullies put him up to something which was probably not serious and mean from him, but which affected me badly, as part of a general problem from the others (social abuse). Anyway, I knew him for a few months. RIP Corey and all other abuse victims of all kinds who have died.

I have been wanting to post for some time on the issue at hand, that of Hollywood pedophiles of all kinds and levels of power. I will also cover, below, some other pedophilia issues from Hollywood and elsewhere which are written about well. However, a woman who goes by a pseudonym from a Donovan song, made an issue of the Haim and Feldman case the other day on Facebook. It reminded me of the issue and also pointed me to a photo I had seen but not remembered at the time, nor thought about. She wants credit for that, so though I originally thought she didn't, I am adding this paragraph now. She also believes as some people have for some time,, that Charlie Sheen may have been the one to start the abuse effects for Corey.

Even if that is not so, and it was a casting agent or whatever, on the film set, the issue is one which involves power and abuse.

So we will look at this particular case for a moment, and give some general links (for the US, not Britain or elsewhere, right now).

Corey Feldman came out about multiple abusers in Hollywood, and specifically about the horrors his friend Corey Haim went through, and he himself went through. He now says others want him dead. The National Enquirer and other places in the more "mainstream" mass news media did not ignore the story, and yet do not name the "main" abuser of Corey. Where is the court trial? Indeed.

I study conspiracy; that means of all kinds: corruption and cover-up as cases, potential or determinable, but usually socially denied, or denied by the courts. This means I am interested in spreading more awareness of how such things work.

In Haim's case, the mother officially got angry about the revelations. She claimed it was "too personal", causing it to be even easier for the news media to comment in some places that maybe the public is not ready, but some of them still compiled a few cases from courts, at least. Was she "to blame" for the reluctance in the media? Not exactly, no. But wishful thinking is easier when a family member, innocently having privacy feelings or knowingly, fearfully, does not want something to come out.

Was Haim's mother more fearful than private? One line of reasoning suggests as much.

Again, it is said that Haim's mother did not want Feldman to talk of the abuse Haim underwent, for she said so and she kind of put down Feldman in the news media.

Actually, the opposite may be true.

Maybe she was on board with Corey Feldman's writing the book and that Corey Haim, himself wanted Feldman to write the book on his behalf? Could Judy Haim, Corey's mother have wanted Feldman to stop the process of the book only because she feared for her own life -- just as now Feldman has said he does, too, fear for his own life?

This picture was posted here: in a Tweet in Sept 2013.

The actual date of the photo is unknown but the context of his tweet message was that someone asked him if he had been to the grave recently. The question was from a Lorrie Singleton (identification address: @lorrie7794) on Sept 4th, 2013. The reply was on the same day.

Reply date seen at bottom of tweet by Feldman, below.

And a final note about this tweet, only tangentially: on the Twitter account itself, we can see that now, at least, in November of 2015, Feldman allies himself with "Truth Movement", of some kind. In today's general jargon, clearly that means conspiracy truth, which he has dared somewhat to speak out about, at least about pedophiles and that particular cover-up, or shall we say, fear and abuse.

The book would have come out just under two months later, at the very end of October, as we see below from the Feldman Wikipedia page at (in the "Later Life" section). See the second paragraph shown in the image below.

If the visit to the grave was from within a year before the posted tweet, he would have been working on -- or even finished -- the book when the photo was taken. Did she know the contents? Maybe so.

It was months before the book was to be released. So the mother may or may not have known the contents of the book, I have to say (from my lack of direct knowledge of the situation, or direct evidence from any place), and if the picture was after the book came out, her anger -- feigned or real -- was then obviously not enough to stop a reconciliation. I have to be complete in my reasoning here, since my purpose is not slander or total conjecture, but to present the issues I have been made acquainted with.

Is Haim's mother no angel herself, allowing her son to be molested and do nothing about it? Or did she not know until later?

Officially she was shocked at the book, though either way, in the end truly, the mother of Haim just didn't want it out. Had she really felt that Haim's secret should not come out, it still remains true that Feldman was trying to expose Hollywood pedophiles, not his friend, personally. But the closeness shown above, between Feldman and Haim's mother suggests that maybe she knew of the book and approved. Technically speaking, however, we can only conclude at least that she may have known of the contents or not. The following report is of her statements about the book, her disapproval of it, at least officially, and whether in fear or in true disgust as she indicates publicly she felt, the article does cover her statements.…/corey-haims-mother-lashes-out-at-cor…
Corey Haim’s mother lashes out at Corey Feldman and his new memoir.

Article with multiple Hollywood known pedophiles listed, though the list is completely incomplete.…/hollywood-child-sex-abuse… One person was "exposed" here. No naming so no criminal inquiry to push for publicly. Yet they can say "anything about anybody". Ha.

Hollywood Child Sex Abuse Cover-Up Exposed! - The National Enquirer

And Feldman claims he was abused, too:…/Corey-Feldman-claims-molested-…
Corey Feldman said abusers want him dead

Feldman's original video interview did not say he was molested, just that Haim was, and he did not name names ever, I understand.

And I knew Corey somewhat in Junior High. He did not go to High School, but in Junior High, he was going between school in Canada and a show in Hollywood. He was a bit older than I was. RIP Corey.

Again, in order to expose pedophile networks and isolated pedophiles in any industry, we need to acknowledge the ways people do and do not get named or exposed, so to speak. Hollywood examples are one set of example.

For better information on Hollywood's link to murder and pedophilia and other sex crimes and crimes, see David McGowan's work on Laurel Canyon. The whole original Website pages are cached here (in a mirror site), with pictures.

Support Dave by buying his book here:

And here is his amazing work about Serial Killers as a largely false stereotype, with Intelligence Services and other people's agendas playing into the killings and/or the cover-ups (also a book), for free. Note: though the title and the first chapter or two cover mind control programming, the main substance is not exactly about that. Terror (serial killers or otherwise) as a propaganda plot, that is, as a managed set of events, in some circumstances -- not always mind control for the direct victims, though that too, in some cases, plus slavery, pedophilia, rings of drug and money power -- again, terror is the main mind control here under discussion:*iJ4*yS1qwASsL-kTZPqaZXpwdunGy2ikjpqYmLLZGrbcAtcBgltwBImv5haO*U2D*Iq0MtRT5tfwXPakb7a5*MqLx6BrdW/DavidMcGowanProgrammedtoKill.pdf